Skin pigmentation. The good news is something can be done at Australian Skin Face Body

Skin Pigmentation. The good news.

Pigmentation, dark spots, age spots, sun spots, freckles and uneven skin tone are a few challenges we all face. The good news is something can be done to achieve clearer, brighter skin.   What is pigmentation of the skin? Our skin gets its colour from a pigment called melanin which is made by melanocytes in […]

Raf and Jesus

Microsurgeon Rafael Acosta-Rojas performs a DIEP Breast Reconstruction in Mexico

Having studied and practiced all over the world throughout his career, Mr Rafael Acosta-Rojas is in demand. Invited by the Hospital’s Dr Ramos Baeza Humberto and Plastic Surgeon, Dr Jesus Manuel Gardea Contreras, Mr Acosta-Rojas shared his extensive knowledge of reconstructive microsurgery to residents and staff. Mr Acosta-Rojas also performed a DIEP flap breast reconstruction whilst in Mexico.

2017 Mr Ian Holten, cleft palate before and after, As seen in Warrnambool Standard Cropped for Blog

Dr Ian Holten. Plastic Surgeon saving lives in Vanuatu

For over a decade plastic surgeon Ian Holten has been visiting Vanuatu with Interplast. The Warrnambool Standard’s KATRINA LOVELL talked to Dr Holten about the lives he has changed through his work in developing countries. Patients in Vanuatu will queue for miles just for the chance to see plastic surgeon Ian Holten and his team. […]