Sally Scrivenor is a qualified Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattooist with over 10 years experience as a Beauty Therapist.

Sally is based at Australian Skin Face Body, Warrnambool.

Cosmetic and paramedical tattooing is offered through her business Eternal Cosmetic Tattooing.


Why cosmetic tattooing?

To enhance facial features:

  • designer eyeliner to enhance and open your eyes
  • perfect, natural eyebrows (tattooing is often used if the eyebrows are patchy or have been over-plucked)
  • fuller lips or tattooing is also used to correct asymmetrical appearance

For paramedical reasons:

  • With breast reconstruction following mastectomy, the areola can be tattooed to give a natural appearance to finish off and complete the breast reconstruction process

How is cosmetic tattooing performed?

The pigment used in our cosmetic tattooing is Iron Oxide based. It’s a safe non-reactive substance. The pigments are specifically manufactured for implantation into the human skin.

The procedure uses topical anesthetics and can be a little uncomfortable. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain with some people feeling it more than others.

The procedure is performed in a safe medical environment at our modern clinics.

Is cosmetic tattooing for me?

Cosmetic tattooing is suitable for:

  • busy women with little time to apply make-up
  • allergy sufferers sensitive to conventional make up
  • physically active sportswomen
  • alopecia; the loss of facial hair completely, for example, eyebrows
  • The visually or motor impaired

Cosmetic tattooing is available at our Australian Skin Face Body in Geelong, Warrnambool and Ballarat.

Tattooing following breast reconstruction is available at Geelong and Ballarat.


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