The Spectra Carbon Laser peel is more commonly known as the “Hollywood peel.” Favoured by Hollywood stars, the procedure evens skin tone and texture and refreshes the skin – instantly!

Why have a Hollywood peel?

The Spectra carbon laser peel:

  • improves skin tone
  • targets sun-damaged skin
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • is great for acne and active breakouts including blackheads and large pores
  • leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth with a gorgeous glow.

How does a Spectra carbon peel work?

A carbon-based lotion is applied to the skin. Laser beams are directed onto the skin to clean away dead skin cells, unclog pores, remove excess oil/sebum and stimulate collagen production.

Spectra peel not only improves uneven pigment, but can also reduce the appearance of textural irregularities and fine lines.

What can I expect during a carbon peel treatment?

You may experience slight warmth and a light tingling or prickling sensation, but generally the procedure is comfortable.

The procedure itself is quick, taking approximately 20 to 30 minutes. With no downtime, you can return immediately to your daily activities. Your skin will feel squeaky clean.

How many treatments will I need?

We will discuss your treatment goals: these goals will determine the number of treatments you will need. However, a series of three to five treatments is recommended for optimum results.

Spectra Carbon Peel for acne

Seeking to do more for acne patients over and above medical grade peels and LED therapy, Australian Skin Face Body started to look further into the Spectra Carbon Peel as a solution for active acne.

Along with a prescribed skin care routine, we commenced monthly treatments on selected patients.  We found slow but positive results with fewer active lesions and decreased oil production.

Encouraged by the results we were experiencing, under the guidance of Plastic Surgeon, Mr Ian Holten, we commenced patient treatments every 10 days to two weeks.

We explored increasing fluence resulting in a mild redness of the skin whilst removing the carbon lotion and spot treating cystic lesions and pustules with the Spectra settings.  This decreased the size of lesions within a week.

The treatment was then followed with an LED treatment.

Whilst the Spectra Carbon Peel may be tough on acne, it’s very gentle on the skin.

We are seeing fantastic results and are very pleased with the outcomes we are achieving for our patients.

Ask us to find out more.

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Spectra technology can also be used for Tattoo Removal


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