Are you ready to Party? Is your skin ready too?

It’s end-of-year party time and the last thing you need is a complicated regimen of skin treatments to add to your to-do list. You need results and you need them NOW!

To help, we’ve listed some of the best treatments available to have your skin looking fabulous ‘instantly’. Best of all, you can fit most of them in during your lunch hour with no down time.

If you want to give your skin some gentle loving’ before a special party, remember to keep your goals simple, such as wanting a smoother, fresher look, a healthy glow or a more even appearance. You don’t want to go OTT in an all-out assault against wrinkles only to have inflamed, peeling skin just before an important event. Speak to our friendly dermal team if you’re unsure which treatments will give you the results you want in a specific timeframe.

  • skin peels – A gentle medical grade skin peel can cleanse and refine your skin’s pores, improve smoothness and restore your skin’s natural glow. It’s great a great boost for dull and dehydrated skin. At ASFB we offer peels tailored to your age, skin type and the results you are seeking. You’ll notice results after your very first treatment. Make sure you check out our Summer Signature Package!


  • LED – Light Emitting Diode therapy after a gentle peel gives a great result. LED reduces inflammation and aids skin rejuvenation and hydration. Treatment takes 15-20 minutes and the warm light revitalises your skin while you lie back and de-stress.


  • PICO LITE (available ASFB Geelong and Ballarat Clinics) is suitable for all skin types and is a gentle way to get clearer, brighter, smoother skin. The technology is designed to target skin concerns such as pigmentation, uneven skin tone and age spots. It’s an effective, proven 30-minute treatment that gives excellent results without interrupting your daily activities.


  • SPECTRA Hollywood Laser Peel (available Horsham and Warrnambool Clinics) – It’s how the stars prep themselves for red-carpet events. SPECTRA gently evens out skin tone and texture while refreshing the skin for a more youthful appearance. This gentle treatment takes under an hour and has no downtime.

Heading out of town and can’t squeeze in a Clinic treatment before you go? We also stock RATIONALE’s nourishing Immunologist Mask, a fabulous weekly treat for your skin over summer as it strengthens the skin’s immune system against sun damage. The mask calms and repairs the skin and delivers intense hydration to cells. It also renews your skin’s clarity and rejuvenates while boosting your skin’s radiance. The Immunologist Mask makes a wonderful gift for someone special.

Remember to use SPF 50+ broad-spectrum sunscreen throughout summer, especially after skin treatments.

So now it’s over to you. Go out there and celebrate you gorgeous thing!

Summer is our busiest season, to avoid disappointment please book your treatment early by calling 1300 502 732 and selecting your nearest Skin & Laser Clinic.