Rosacea, flushing and facial redness

We have good news for people who suffer with rosacea or other capillary complications. Australian Skin Face Body Geelong and Ballarat have the Vbeam Perfecta Laser, a vascular laser treatment targeting the symptoms of rosacea, haemangioma, telangiectasia, cherry angionmas, spider nevi, red stretch marks and some birthmarks. And, we’re getting good results.  Frustrating flushing and other capillary […]

Laser for facial redness, rosacea, broken capillaries and more

Facial redness, rosacea, broken capillaries, help is at hand. The Vbeam Vascular Laser, Geelong and Ballarat. It’s the rolls royce of vascular lasers – and it’s at Australian Skin Face Body. The Vbeam Perfecta Laser is safe, pain-free and the most effective laser treatment yet for treating redness in the skin. Dermal Clinician, Rebecca Harrison, […]