Richard Parker Rationale Skincare

Richard Parker, Rationale Skincare

Our skincare range, Rationale, has been specifically chosen to get the best results improving the appearance and health of your skin. Founder of Rationale, Mr Richard Parker works closely with Mr Ian Holten. They are both presenting at an exclusive event in Horsham on Dec 7, 2016. All welcome.

Hands up to help.

A Geelong Plastic Surgeon is offering his skills for volunteer work. Charity work has been integral to a Geelong plastic and reconstructive surgeon’s work for the past 16 years. Dr Ian Holten, who works from Australian Skin Face Body, has been volunteering with Interplast since 2000. Through Interplast, teams of volunteer plastic and reconstructive surgeons, […]

Mr Ian Holten and Dr Sam Kemuel in Vanuatu

Medic with a Mission

Geelong plastic surgeon Ian Holten looks forward to the day he can enjoy a cocktail on the beach in Vanuatu.

And goodness knows he’s earned a few.

But when Mr Holten heads to the tropical island each year, it’s not to work on his tan, it’s to train local doctors so the country can one day be self-sufficient.

On his recent trip with medical charity Interplast last week, Mr Holten was forced to call on skills he hadn’t used in 20 years after a 14-year-old boy was run over by a speedboat.