PICO enlighten III tattoo removal Geelong before and after ankle tattoo

Tattoo Removal with PICO Enlighten III

No longer in love with your tattoo?  Geelong Tattoo removal with PICO Genesis Enlighten III. 

In the past removing an unwanted tattoo has been a long and frustrating process.

PICO Genesis enlighten III, a superior tattoo removal system using a combination of nano + pico technology offering faster tattoo removal than traditional lasers.


Australian Skin Face Body is the first clinic in Victoria to offer enlighten III technology for:

  • ALL ink colours
  • ALL skin types

Complimentary Consultations during April

We are currently offering PICO Genesis enlighten III, complimentary consultations (valued at $50) to see if enlighten is right for you.

You can have your complimentary consultation at any of our Skin & Laser Clinics – Geelong, Ballarat, Horsham or Warrnambool, however the PICO enlighten treatment is only available at our Geelong Skin & Laser Clinic.


Click here to find out  more about PICO Genesis Enlighten III Tattoo Removal or contact our Geelong Skin & Laser Clinic Tel:  (03) 5221 2238. We’re up for a chat!


PICO Genesis Enlighten III. The results speak for themselves.

Visit our Tattoo removal Before & After Gallery.


The video show an actual patient’s FIRST treatment with PICO Genesis enlighten III Tattoo Removal System our our Geelong Skin & Laser Clinic.

Terms & Conditions

Tattoo removal initial consultation is valued at $50 and must take place before 30th April, 2018 at any Australian Skin Face Body Skin & Laser Clinic.