Breast enhancement, often referred to as breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the volume of the breasts.

As every woman is unique, we will assess your circumstances. We discuss all options possible and clarify realistic post op results during our consultations, before going ahead with surgery.

How is a Breast Enhancement performed?

Prosthetic implants are used to enhance the shape and size of the breast. Implants typically range in volume and shape and either saline or silicone filling and smooth or textured silicone or textured polyurethane foam-covered envelopes.

In some cases augmentation surgery is accompanied by a mastopexy or lifting procedure, which involves further incisions, but may be needed if volume alone is not enough to create a desired outcome.

Surgery involves a small incision being made, usually in the breast creases through which the implants are inserted in a sterile manner. We position implants under the breast tissue, generally, avoiding muscle involvement. Sub-muscular placement traditionally is done in theory to disguise the edges of an implant in slight framed ladies. However at Australian Skin Face Body, Mr Holten has refined a technique in addition to the surgery which adds volume to the upper breasts to enhance the overall appearance and patient satisfaction.

Typical timeline for breast enhancement:

  • When you are considering breast augmentation, we will discuss details with you such as where the incision will be made, the type of breast implant best suited to you, and where it will be positioned.
  • A breast augmentation is typically performed as day surgery usually under an hour, under general anaesthetic or twilight sedation. You will be required to stay in the day ward for a few hours until you are stable. In the case of more complex surgery, an overnight hospital stay may be necessary.
  • After breast enhancement surgery, you will likely experience temporary soreness, swelling, change in nipple sensation and possible bruising. We recommend you wear a soft support bra for first few weeks for comfort.
  • Most people return to work within three to seven days but you should limit strenuous activity for three weeks. We always recommend a good support bra once you are allowed to return to exercise.

Incision lines, usually placed under the breast, in the breast fold may take several months to a year or more to fade. We recommend taping these incisions for maximum results.

Breast screening for breast cancer detection is imperative for all women after the age of 40, and so for women with implants we prefer you undergo an MRI to protect the integrity of the implants. We can order these tests for you.


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