Fat injection or fat transfer is fast becoming a popular procedure for those wanting to restore subtle volume to areas such as the cheeks and breasts.

The procedure usually involves the removal – or grafting – of fat from one area of the body, before it is processed and re-injected into the treatment area.


How is a fat transfer procedure performed?

Fat is harvested using a cannula either under local or general anaesthesia.

Once removed, fat is placed in a centrifuge which concentrates the solution.

The fat is then re-injected into areas needing subtle volume.

Because the fat is autologous – or taken from the patient’s own body – the procedure is extremely well tolerated and capable of achieving natural-looking results.

Whilst a certain percentage of the added volume will dissipate, the majority will survive, however multiple injections can help achieve the desired result.

Fat transfer is performed as part of face lifts and breast enhancement.


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