Stem cell therapy offers hope.

Connective tissue disease scleroderma tightened Kerry Bishop’s face to the point where she could not effectively move a toothbrush underneath her cheeks. It has hardened her oesophagus and areas of her skin, and tightly curled the fingers on her right hand beyond many routine daily tasks.

Mrs Bishop, 56, counts herself as lucky because the affliction can claim lives, but she has turned to cutting edge medicine involving stem cells being injected into her face and hands, and power within her body in the quest for degrees of recovery.

What is stem cell therapy?

The use of adult stem cells, as opposed to embryonic stem cells has increasingly offered exciting new developments over the last few years.

Stem cell therapy relies on the body’s innate ability to repair and super-charge itself. It’s a natural process without drugs or surgery.

Stem cells are harvested from one area in the body, enriched and relocated to a new area where there might be disease.

  • Fat tissue is harvested from the patient.
  • Stem cells are isolated from the fat tissue.
  • The time taken does depend on the procedure but generally it’s a 35 -45 minute procedure to harvest cells and re-inject them into a patient.

Stem cell therapy is not new. It’s been used in sports medicine for many years. But now it extends to more than orthopedics. Cardiac, lung dysfunction, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, aesthetics and gynaecology.

The body of evidence on treatment success with stem cell transplant is continuing to grow.

Australian Skin Face Body surgeons, Mr Ian Holten and Mr Rafael Acosta-Rojas  have a particular interest in stem cell therapy and are continually involved in stem cell research.

In conjunction with Stemulus and Bioheart, Australian Skin Face Body hosted the first ever Autologous Cell Therapy Workshop for Doctors in Australia in December 2014.



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