Understanding the skin consultation process

Great skin and good skin care always starts with a thorough skin consultation explains Dermal Clinician, Leanne Tran.

It’s important when you meet with your skin care expert that you get the most out of your consultation and understand the skin consultation process.

As a qualified Dermal Clinician, I not only assess my patient’s skin, but also assess their lifestyle and wellbeing as the skin is influenced by so many intrinsic and extrinsic factors on a daily basis. These factors often include: genetics, hormones, diet, sun exposure, medication, climate, smoking, skincare and makeup. Everyone has unique skin and there is nobody with the same skin type.

Therefore, I take a very holistic approach to treating skin and believe treatment begins from the very first consultation. This is why I consider the initial consultation as the most crucial step towards successful results, as well as long-term patient satisfaction. I like to build a rapport with patients during the initial consultation, as I want you to feel comfortable talking about your concerns and for you to ask as many questions as possible. I am very honest with my patients and will also refer them to doctors, plastic surgeons or to anyone who I feel is appropriate when my patient’s needs are out of my scope of practice.

What can I expect during a skin consultation?

As with all the skin experts at Australian Skin Face Body, Skin & Laser Clinics, I take a 5-step approach when performing initial consultations. It’s a consistent, informative and very thorough process.

The 5 step skin consultation:

  1. The first step in the skin consultation process is to simply visualize and assess your skin. I look for any signs of discolouration, vascularisation, scarring, oil flow, hydration levels, skin texture and pore size.
  2. I go through the consultation form which you will have been asked to complete and ask additional questions based on what has been filled out. I make notes as I go along and make sure you haven’t forgotten to disclose anything.
  3. I then give you a handheld magnifying mirror and ask you what concerns you the most when you look at your skin.
  4. I perform a specific and detailed assessment by cleansing your skin and look through a magnifying lamp/woods lamp and assess the upper, mid and lower face. This is when  I start mapping out a treatment plan according to your concerns and needs.
  5. Assessment evaluation.  I start devising a detailed treatment plan with you by educating and explaining which treatments you will benefit from. Firstly I concentrate on your main concern. It is important however that you have  realistic expectations about what you want to achieve and how long you want the results to last. I also address potential risks and aftercare involved. Where possible, I will also give you alternate options to meet your budget and downtime expectations.

It is very important for you to give me any feedback and to ask lots of questions.  By the time you leave the clinic, I want you to  feel satisfied with the knowledge gained from the consultation and to be able to make informed decisions.

When I feel confident I have covered all 5 steps  I give you a hand written treatment plan. My treatment plans are no more than 3-4 months long as I generally assess the skin again after that timeframe. We will  schedule a follow up consultation if required or an appointment to commence treatment.

My key advice – make sure you ask lots of questions during your skin consultation.

The skin experts at Australian Skin Face Body, Skin & Laser Clinics are here to discuss your skin concerns and tailor a treatment plan that’s just for you.  It gives me great satisfaction knowing I can help you with your journey to better skin.

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