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This post has been “seen by” 22,000 people and been shared 199 times on social media – clearly it is very topical!

Dr Melinda Dalman (Australian Skin Face Body, Ballarat) posted it to her Facebook page after seeing one too many sunburned kids. Hopefully someone put sunscreen on their child who otherwise may not have 🤞🏻

Dr Melinda’s UV index RULE OF 12’s:

“If there is one thing skin cancer docs want you to understand, it is the UV index. On Thursday, it was a hot 36 degrees in Ballarat, and a WHOPPING 49 degrees in Marble Bar WA, BUT our UV indexes were only separated by 2 – 13 in Ballarat and 15 in Marble Bar!

PLEASE take these days seriously, Victorians.

















The SunSmart app will guide you about when to seek shelter, but “Dr Melinda’s rule of 12s” is… if the UV index is over 12, those under 12 MUST be INSIDE, no matter how vigilant your sunscreen/cover ups/hats/sunglasses/shade structures are.

We only get one chance at a skin-cancer-smart childhood. One blistering burn before the age of 12 increases your lifetime risk of melanoma by 40%.

I hope you’re all enjoying the glorious sun…. safely.”


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UV Index Victoria Dr Melinda Dalman

Dr Melinda Dalman. Australian Skin Face Body, Ballarat