We get it. Most women have fine hair – a  light vellus ‘peach fuzz’ which covers the face. But for some of us, we just feel more comfortable with hair-free skin.

Gently “shaving” off peach fuzz and dead skin cells, dermaplaning results in smooth, soft, fresh-feeling skin. It leaves you ready to apply your make-up – and it goes on oh so smoothly and

What can I expect during a Dermaplaning treatment?

During treatment, a surgical scalpel is used to gently scrape away dull dead skin cells and ‘peach fuzz’.

Dermaplaning is performed at Australian Skin Face Body by our experienced dermal therapists in a safe, sterile medical environment.

Treatment takes approximately 20 – 30 minutes as the skin is held taut and the round-tip blade glides gently across the skin with feather-light strokes.

Treatment is painless and there is no downtime.

You may experience some redness for a few hours, but this will dissipate. If you have active acne, extremely sensitive skin or raised lesions, we will assess your suitability and talk about any skin preparation required at consultation.

As your skin has been freshly exfoliated, it will need lots of hydration and it is important to avoid direct contact with the sun post treatment – sunscreen is highly recommended.


Does hair grow back after Dermaplaning?

As dermaplaning removes the hair at the surface of the skin, not the follicle, hair will grow back so you will require maintenance appointments.

The speed of re-growth is dependent upon genetics and hormones.

Hair does not grow back thicker!


Can Dermaplaning remove upper lip hair?

Dermaplaning be used on the upper lip.


Why Dermaplaning?

Say goodbye to ‘peach fuzz’

Remove surface debris to create a healthier, more radiant appearance

As chemical exfoliants are not used, dermaplaning can be a good choice if you have sensitive skin.

Dermplaning helps skin cells to turnover faster, thus stimulating collagen.

The treatment also allows for products and laser therapies to penetrate into the skin easier.


Where to from here?

Many patients combine dermaplaning with a mask that is tailored to your skin, a medical grade peel and LED therapy.

Prices start at $99.

Dermaplaning Package just $130. Includes Facial Dermaplaning, Tailored Mask and LED Therapy

Contact Australian Skin Face Body,  to book your Dermaplaning appointment.  tel: 1300 502 732



*individual results may vary.



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