Mallet finger and Volar Plate Injury are common injuries resulting from ball sports such as netball and football.

Mallet Finger

Mallet finger, a rupture or tear of the tendon on the back of your finger, responsible for straightening the end joint.

The end of the finger will ‘droop’ and cannot be actively straightening. Swelling, bruising and pain can be present.

Surgery is required when a bone fracture is also present.

Volar Plate Injury

Volar Plate Injury is usually caused when the middle joint of your finger is forced backwards, common during ball sports when the ball hits the end of the finger, or during a fall. This results in a partial or full tear of the ligament that lies underneath the middle joint of all fingers.

It is important that early treatment is undertaken. If not treated, the joint remains unstable and deformity may develop and surgery may be required.

Upon consultation, we will evaluate if the case requires surgery or not.


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