The nailbed is the skin underneath your nail. Nailbed injuries especially fingertip injuries are common, often the result of getting the fingertip caught in a door.

The nail injury may be associated with damage to other parts of the finger, including fractures, damage to the tendons that straighten or bend the finger and damage to the fingertip.

Simple crushes of the fingertip can result in pain as blood collects under the nail.

In more severe cases, the nail may crack or tear.

You may require an x-ray to look for associated fractures. Sometimes, local anesthesia is required to examine the nailbed and determine the extent of the injury.

How is a nailbed injury treated?

Where there is a build up of blood under the nailbed, this is simply drained to provide pain relief.

When applicable, the skin may be sutured together.

Missing areas on the nailbed and fingertip can often be grafted from the same finger or other digits including the toe.

If a fracture is present, you may require it to be pinned or a splint may be required to heal the fracture.

Depending on the extent of the injury, a nail may or may not grow back normally.

The idea is to restore the appearance and function of the nail and the surrounding structure.


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