Stretch marks are caused by rapid stretching of the skin quite often seen after rapid weight gain or loss.


Millions of women have stretch marks, as it’s common after pregnancy. Some women feel embarrassment at the appearance of stretch marks and feel the need to cover up.

Up until recently, there were not a lot of options to treat stretch marks.

Fractional laser has changed this and Australian Skin Face Body now offers treatments for stretch marks resulting in smoother, better looking skin.

Stretch marks are actually scars and initially present as purple lines. When stretch mark get older, they often turn white and these are much harder to treat.

Stretch marks removal


Fractional Laser

Vascular Laser

At your initial consultation, our dermal team will discuss a treatment for stretch marks that may be right for you.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be caused due to rapid stretching of the skin, more often than not associated with pregnancy but can also be due to growth spurts in puberty. Stretch marks can appear on /affect both females and males.

Often people with stretch marks are embarrassed by their appearance, and feel the need to cover the area up.

There are limited treatment options available to treat stretch marks, only being able to reduce the appearance of the markings.

Here at ASFB we can offer some guidance and help in treating and reducing the appearance of stretch marks

If the stretch marks are quite fresh and red/purple in colour; this is the best time to treat, by using the Vascular laser we can fade the redness, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing mark

If the marks are already faded and silver colouring, skin needling is the best option to try to break up the scar tissue.

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