Understanding the skin consultation process

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Image of the sun

Sun safety Message. How much sun do we really need?

Experts are reiterating the sun safety message, with new research suggesting the public’s receiving mixed messages over the effects of exposure to the sun.

The research says there’s a fine line between the harm of the UV rays and the benefits of Vitamin D.

Mr Ian Holten explains to WINNews reporter John Nelder.

Child playing indoors

UV Index Victoria

Victoria’s UV Index is extreme. The SunSmart app will guide you about when to seek shelter, but “Dr Melinda’s rule of 12s” is… if the UV index is over 12, those under 12 MUST be INSIDE, no matter how vigilant your sunscreen/cover ups/hats/sunglasses/shade structures are.

We only get one chance at a skin-cancer-smart childhood. One blistering burn before the age of 12 increases your lifetime risk of melanoma by 40%.