Mr Acosta-Rojas is providing patients with non-surgical or minimal incision, endoscopic treatments for hand conditions such as dupuytrens contracture and carpal tunnel.

Australian Skin Face Body has recently acquired hand surgery ultrasound equipment for hand and other plastic related treatments can be performed at the modern rooms at Australian Skin Face Body clinics.

Conditions such as dupuytrens contracture have now the possibility of non-surgical treatment using injections.

Mr Acosta-Rojas performs such injections pain free using ultrasound guided nerve blocks.

All the hand injections for the treatment of trigger finger or osteoarthritis of the joints are performed under ultrasound guidance.

If conditions such as dupuytrens contracture, carpal tunnel and trigger finger are diagnosed early, invasive hand surgery may be avoided. With ultrasound monitored injections, risks are minimized and downtime is less than a surgical option; relief can last years. For more severe cases, surgery may still be necessary.

Mr Acosta-Rojas consults at Australian Skin Face Body clinics in Ballarat, Geelong and Warrnambool. He works closely with Hand Therapists in these regions to further enhance patient recovery.

We believe in anatomical reconstruction and performing this as soon as possible after injury to avoid complication.

You will need to ask your GP for a referral to see Mr Acosta-Rojas.

To make an appointment please call the rooms of Mr Acosta-Rojas.

Tel: (03) 5222 1515


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