Our Plastic Surgeons have over 50 years’ experience between them and have trained and treated patients all over the world.

Mr Ian Holten is highly skilled in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Mr Rafael Acosta-Rojas is a recognised world leader in microsurgery.

Choosing whether or not to undertake cosmetic surgery is a big decision. It’s permanent. Because cosmetic surgery is usually undertaken voluntarily – meaning its elective – it’s important we understand what it is you are seeking. Together we need to ensure you understand what is actually achievable and expectations are clarified.

To help us inform you of the surgery Mr Ian Holten uses Touch MD, an interactive Visualization and Patient Education Platform. This allows us to educate you before, during and after consultation by providing information, instructions and images relevant to your procedure.

We take the time to discuss your concerns, formulate a treatment plan and advise and guide you safely and sensibly. We perform all of our treatments in safe, regulated facilities, and in return we ask our patients to be in the very best of health.

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